From Classroom to Career: ANS Digital’s Industry-Focused Training

    ANS believes that people are a company’s greatest asset. With National Careers Week in full swing, we would like to take the opportunity to share how the ANS comprehensive graduate scheme is giving recent alumni an opportunity to gain industry experience, earn highly valued certifications, and launch successful careers.

    To support professional development, ANS provides globally recognised certifications in IT service management, including the essential ITIL 4 framework. Graduates also receive training and certification with TM Forum, a global industry association that fosters collaboration and collective problem-solving among communication and digital service providers and their suppliers. In addition, ANS provides training on BMC solutions, which gives our consultants technical knowledge and expertise in various aspects of IT operations relevant to the telecoms industry.

    Key elements of the ANS graduate scheme

    • Intensive training on ITIL 4

    Within the first three months of employment, graduates are equipped to feel more prepared during client meetings and when working with customers. With their knowledge of IT service management, graduates understand various processes and frameworks, providing valuable insights and advice to ANS clients.

    • Certification and training with TM Forum

    TM Forum provides a valuable reference point for ANS consultants to advise on telecoms industry best practices and standards. ANS graduates receive in-depth training on every business module, helping them understand the key business processes and application architecture required to run a successful business. They use this knowledge to understand and contribute to the ANS methodology applied to projects. Currently, the consultants are advising clients on how to improve their incident management process using their ITIL 4 and eTOM knowledge of best practices.

    • Training on BMC solutions

    The ANS partnership with BMC allows the company to provide telecoms industry-specific solutions and implementation services, and the training on solutions like Control-M and ITSM equips graduates with a deep understanding of the solutions used in the industry, enabling them to offer valuable insights and advice to ANS clients.

    ANS Graduate Success Stories

    After completing the training, graduates feel confident and equipped to tackle complex challenges in the telecoms industry. This allows them to go on to work on a range of projects.

    After joining ANS, Byron took on several projects, using his training to help re-engineer processes and make them more efficient. Byron’s hard work paid off, and he was quickly promoted to a senior consultant position.

    “As a result of the ITIL training I was able to quickly gain an understanding of the core processes that we analyse for our line of work, with that understanding I then moved on to designing solutions for customers on-going systems to better align or enhance their products and ways-of-working. With the TM Forum training I was able to focus my new-found knowledge into the telecommunications industry, thus expanding on the ideas of ITIL into ways that they can improve the Communication Service Providers vertical.” – Byron

    The ANS graduate scheme isn’t just about providing certifications and training. The company also works closely with universities in the Southeast, particularly the University of Portsmouth, and regularly participates in job fairs to attract potential candidates.

    “During the graduate scheme I have gained a deep understanding of the principles and methodologies of IT service management, including industry best practices such as ITIL 4 and TM Forum. I now work with senior transformation consultants to undertake analysis of a client’s current way of working and identify areas of improvement.” – Davor

    ANS is proud to provide a program that equips recent alumni with necessary skills, knowledge, and certifications to thrive in the telecoms industry. By focusing on key certifications like ITIL 4, TM Forum, and BMC, our graduates are well-prepared to provide valuable insights and advice to our clients. ANS remains committed to investing in the next generation of talent by collaborating with universities in the Southeast to identify top talent, and by providing graduates with the resources they need to succeed.

    If you’re interested in learning more about our program or our work in the telecoms industry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here. We’d love to hear from you!

    Written by Gergana Stratieva


    3 minute read

    8 March 2023