The ANS team has been working exclusively with BMC to implement BMC based custom solutions to meet the Service Assurance requirements of CSP’s world-wide

BMC Helix for CSP

Critical intelligent service assurance solutions for exceeding today’s CSP requirements, with the scalability and modularity to grow

Modernise experiences with intelligent service assurance. With over a decade of providing critical solutions for network operators, BMC Helix offers the modern, intelligent service and operations solutions that CSPs require to deliver the differentiated services vital to their customers and their business.

Intelligent Service Assurance

Scalable and automated to quickly-and proactively-resolve service disruptions

"Zero-touch" network operations management

Monitors, optimises, and comprehensively operates worldwide infrastructure seamlessly, all from a single pane of glass to support fully automated, ‘closed loop’, and ‘headless’ operations

Service quality management

Combines operational SLA targets, detailed analysis, interactive dashboards, and service analytics to provide valuable insights to all aspects of their services

TM Forum Certified

BMC Helix for CSP features extensive API certifications for essential ecosystem integrations required for CSP market success


Through BMC Innovation Studio Configuration and vendor applications

BMC Helix Control-M

Simplify application and data workflow complexity in production through a single end-to-end view wih interfaces for developers, IT operations, and business users

Workflow Orchestration that meets operational standards, BMC Helix Control-M provides advanced operational capabilities easily consumed by Dev Ops and lines-of-business alike.

End-to-end workflow connectivity

Any application, any data source, and all your critical systems on record

SLA management

With intelligent predictive analytics


For compliance and governance

Logs and output

Capture and management

Consumption-based SAAS model

Get deep operational and enterprise-scale production capabilities in a SaaS user experience designed for highly decentralised, self-service consumption

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