We find and hire top talent

We believe that our people are the company’s greatest assets. That’s why we are focused on hiring the best talent, investing in knowledge and promoting a healthy life-work culture for the long term. Every aspect of our portfolio is based on the talent of our people. People talent is therefore fundamental to our success and a key factor to how we are perceived by our clients.

At ANS, we believe in collaboration and being a place where your opinion can make a difference. If you think you’ll fit right in, send us a message!

ANS Academy

We take immense pride in our ANS Academy and firmly believe that graduates will help shape our future, so we take great care in shaping theirs. Working in partnership with some of the top universities in the South Coast of England, our graduate program has been successful in establishing a recruitment and training model that has provided the basis for our graduate recruitment world-wide.

All our graduates will receive:


Exposure to different portfolio areas


Industry training and certification


International and on-site client certification


90-day path to value


Assigned mentor for the first year after joining

We invest in learning and development

Our business is constantly evolving to meet the ever changing requirements in our chosen markets. Therefore, our learning and development program is also constantly evolving to provide a continuous stream of ongoing training and knowledge updates. Alignment of team knowledge with ANS evolving market proposition is assured through our world-class performance management system. This enables our people to work with their respective managers to agree personal objectives and training needs aligned to company goals.

We work hard to retain our top talent


By building a strong company culture

We believe that retention starts right from the beginning. From the application
process to screening applicants and choosing who to interview. We start from identifying what aspects of the company’s culture and strategy we want to emphasise and ensure that this is aligned with those of the candidates.


By providing ongoing training and career progression

We seek to hire top talent who are most likely to stay the course and build their initial career with the company. Promoting from within not only provides a clear path to greater compensation and responsibility, but it also helps our people feel that they’re valued and a crucial part of the company’s success.


By offering targeted renumeration, benefits and work environment

We recognise that peoples desired requirements of the business they work for and indeed our requirements of the people that we hire can be very individual depending on a number of factors including role and location. This is more so given that we provide consultancy services to international clients world-wide. Our renumeration, benefits and work environment package for individual hires is therefore tailored to meet the requirements of both the business and the individual.

Current Job Openings

BMC Software Consultant

Job Type: Contract/Full-time, Permanent

Salary range: Contractor (£350 – £450/ per day) and FTE (£50,000 – £65,000 yearly)

Location: Remote/Worldwide

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